The FHN Difference

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More Homestay Experience

The France Homestay Network (FHN) is affiliated with the Australian Homestay Network (established 2008)– the world’s most experienced international student homestay network company and the American Homestay Network (established 2012). Our Homestay Network Group has successfully placed over 40,000 students in successful homestay environments. FHN incorporates decades of international experience in global homestay operations management to help ensure that every homestay experience is successful.

A New Global Standard of Excellence

FHN is dedicated to setting a new global standard for international student homestay. We are raising the standards of homestay in France and globally through our proprietary processes of approving host families and matching students to the right hosts.

FHN is unique in France as we are a global standards based homestay company. Our legacy comes from the recognition in Australia in 2006 that there were no appropriate governing standards for service, quality, and safety of homestay for international students. This concern led to the formation of the Australian Homestay Network. Our global mission is to deliver the highest quality homestay experience based on accountability, system integrity, transparency, personalized services, safety, insurance, and a 24/7 professional support line.

The France Homestay Network was established in 2012 to adapt and introduce a France version of Australia’s standards, technology and best practices to the France market specifically for international students.

More Services

The array of services provided by FHN is new to France and unprecedented in the industry. Our service offerings include a sophisticated host/student matching process, banking and payment services, a rigorous proprietary background check program, a 24/7 critical-incident service, airport transportation services, and online cultural and hosting training and testing—all of which is facilitated through our HMS (Homestay Management System) technology. This system enhances communications, applications, placements, and payments for students, hosts, agents, and educators.