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Nantes is a town in the west of France, located south of the Armorican mountain range, which stretches along the banks of the Loire, 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The main city and administrative seat of the department of the Atlantic Loire and prefecture of the Pays de la Loire region, it was, as of 2015, the sixth most populated city in France with its 303,382 inhabitants, and the first in the West in number of inhabitants. The Nantes metropolis has a population of approximately 610,000 inhabitants.

Along with Saint Nazaire, it has an outer harbour on the estuary of the Loire.

Nantes constitutes today the metropolis of the Great French west. Its rich architectural heritage, largely inherited from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, allowed the awarding of the label of ‘city of art and history’, despite the completion of major urban planning, including the island of Nantes